Wykład prof. Natalii Kovalchuk "Methodology for the study of Ukrainian culture in the context of archetypes"

Miejsce wydarzenia: Lindleya 3/5/3/5, Łódź
Czas: 13 marca 2023 (poniedziałek) 15:30 - 00:00

The OŁ PTF would like to invite you to a lecture by Prof. Natalia Kovalchuk entitled "Methodology for the study of Ukrainian culture in the context of archetypes."


About Natalia Kovalchuk:

  • PhD in Philosophy, Professor.
  • Her areas of interest include the history of religions, philosophy of religions, philosophy of culture, philosophy of Ukrainian culture, ethics and aesthetics.
  • Author of more than 140 scientific publications, including 2 personal monographs, sections in collective monographs, sections in collective textbooks and 120 articles.
  • Grant: Regional Scholar Exchange Program on the Ukrainian Institute of Harvard University (USA 1996)
  • Co-redactor of the Ukrainian-Polish scientific book Philosophy in Galicia, vol. 2, Kyiv-Rzeszów 2017-2019
  • Program participate: Horizon Europe Project HORIZON-CL6-2023-BIODIV-01-8.

Recent publications:

  • Fenomen uniwersalności w twórczości Iwana Franki
  • Moral and spiritual principles of state activity of Yaroslav the Wise
  • Cultural memory. Ukrainian Baroque in the context of the paradigm of dialogic Ukrainian culture
  • Architecture symbolism of the St. Sophia Cathedralin Kyiv
  • Features of Sacred Music in the Context of the Ukrainian Baroque 

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/XMDnc2Dc.

Meeting: March 13 at 15.30 University of Lodz, ul. Lindleya 3/5, Aula im. Ija Lazari-Pawłowska

Szczegóły wydarzenia

Miejsce wydarzenia: Lindleya 3/5/3/5, Łódź

Data i godziny wydarzenia: 13 marca 2023 (poniedziałek) 15:30 - 00:00

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